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About Us

Tieless Media was founded in 2016 and has been conceived as a full service and production company.

Our in-house creative and production departments in house focus on international feature films, live events and content development.

Our Production services include live action filming, VFX, CGI and animation, helping clients tell their stories through engaging, emotive and effective film content. We have set up one of Argentina's and Latin America's largest production service network, and we are able to provide services from inception to distribution.

Fernando Abadi

Managing Director & Founder

Fernando has more than 17 years of experience in the entertainment industry. After working for over 10 years as the Operations Manager of Endemol Argentina, where he created the feature films department, he went on to create Tieless Media, where he produced the live show An Evening with Pacino at Teatro Colon in 2016 and successful films such as Black Snow, You Shall Not Sleep, The Unseen, Crímenes de Familia, Echoes of a Crime and The Marriage App, among others.


Ricardo Freixa

Executive Producer & Partner

Ricardo was Director and founding partner of the company Plural-Jempsa SL for more than 12 years, with Oscar winner Juan José Campanella, of the production company 100 Bares (2004-2008). Producing feature films and fiction series with international success such as : El Robo del Siglo, Vientos de Agua, The Secret of their Eyes (Oscar winner for best foreign film), El hijo de la novia (Oscar nominee for best foreign film), El mismo Amor la misma lluvia, among others.


Polo Verrier

Associate Producer

Polo Verrier is an economist and master in finance, with a strong interest in films and entertainment, being a key person in film financing in films such as Wakolda (2013), El Faro de las Orcas (2016), Los Ultimos (2017), Ecos de un Crimen (2021), among others.



The Country

Being the 8th largest country in the world, with an area of 1,073,519 sq miles, Argentina offers a unique combination of climates and landscapes. From one of the world's driest desserts, to tropical forests, from the immense Patagonian plateau to the tallest mountains in the Americas, there's no location that can't be found in the country.

In additional to the vast variety of natural scenery, Argentina offers one of the world's most diverse population and man-made infrastructure. Argentina is second only to the USA in immigration inflow: the arrival of English, French, Germans, Polish, Spaniards and Italians does not only provide a diversity of human looks but also of magnificent architectural styles.

Being a G20 member, the country offers a breathtaking infrastructure. From the 3rd largest shipyard in the world, to the world's 8th largest railway network, to nuclear plants and hydroelectric dams... there's nothing that can't be found in Argentina!

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The Industry

Argentina's film industry is the largest in Latin America. The country ranks 9th in the world in Oscar Academy awards. This impressive performance for a sparsely populated country is due to the immense employment in the film and TV industries. Year after year, hundred of thousands of highly trained, well prepared crews put their minds and hearts in hundreds of world-class projects.

The Regions

The country can be defined in six major regions:

This area surrounding the Andes began as a colony of Peru, but today only a few miners and herders occupy this unforgiving region of volcanic peaks and salt lakes. Very little rain falls in Cuyo, though to the east are found the fertile river valleys and subtropical lowlands of the Gran Chaco.
Mesopotamia, a broad, flat plain between the Parana and Uruguay Rivers in northern Argentina, is wet, swampy and extremely hot during the summer. The northern province of Misiones, a more mountainous region nearly enclosed by Brazil and Paraguay, is densely forested and contains a section of the majestic Iguazu Falls.
This parched area in the west is part of the enormous Gran Chaco, a region that Argentina shares with Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil. The Chaco contains both grassland and thorny forest.
These fertile plains are Argentina's bread- basket. They consist of the Humid Pampas along the seaboard and the Dry Pampas in the west and south. The region includes Buenos Aires, as well as the beaches of its surrounding area.
South of the Rio Colorado, Patagonia experiences a desert climate, although temperatures range from mild to subzero and terrain varies from bucolic river valleys to the gigantic, ice-capped southern Andes. Its cool grazing grounds support enormous flocks of sheep, and numerous fruit and vegetable farms can be found in the valleys. Patagonia also holds vast reserves of oil and coal.
The Land of Fire is actually an archipelago including the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego (which Argentina shares with neighbouring Chile) and numerous smaller islands. Northern Isla Grande is similar in terrain to Patagonia's plains, while the mountainous area in the south is filled with forests and glaciers. Its climate is usually mild year-round, although storms are frequent.

Shooting In Argentina

Unlike other major shooting locations, Argentina allows year-long shooting schedules (winters are not too cold and summers not too hot) In addition, the southern hemisphere is a perfect complement for same-season shooting: when it's winter in North America and Europe, it's summer time in Argentina!

Flight connections with any major city in Argentina are as convenient as in any other developed country in the world.

Celebrated 5 star hotel, top of the line equipment and professional talented crews are just some of the many benefits of shooting in our country.

Several major US feature films such as The Revenant, Focus and 7 years in Tibet have trusted the talent of Argentina's crews. The country shares time zones with the USA and Canada and its 3 hours behind Europe. It's fiberoptic-speed internet connections and more than 40% of the population considered proficient in English, makes of Argentina the easiest place to shoot outside of North America.


Production Services

Tieless Media offers accurate scheduling and budgeting services, as well as comprehensive booking of locations, local crews, facilities, equipment and post-production. We will oversee and personally ensure the success of your production.


Our in-house creative and production department focus on international feature films, working in association with the most important production companies in Latin America and Europe.


Our in-house creative and production department creates and sells TV formats as well as TV Movies around the world.


Advertising is a fast-growing element of our offering, as we extend our significant production experience by working with brands and agencies in delivering high-profile, effective commercials campaigns and branded content.